FARGO 89660 HDP5000 LC

FARGO 89660 HDP5000 LC

FARGO 89660 HDP5000 LC

Reference: #89660 HDP5000-LC
Modular design plastic card printer / encoder that grows with your needs. Ideal for large companies and associations.

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Thermal transfer printing technology.

Photographic print quality with 300 dpi resolution. and more than 16 million colors.

One-sided or double-sided printing and lamination.

Magnetic stripe, chip or contactless card encoding options.

Printing on fluorescent material and data panel erase function.

Really simple use by means of drivers supplied with the printer that facilitate the encoding of cards with or without contact.

Wide range of tapes and laminates including holographic and personalized. Minimal maintenance. Includes Wockbench diagnostic and maintenance software that guarantees the perfect operation of your printer.

Multiple security options for both the printer and the Software. 3-year warranty and lifetime warranty on the print head. Reliability of the leading brand of Fargo Printers. The Fargo HDP5000 card printer offers us superior print quality on any type of card.

Also allowing greater reliability, durability and more security, at a very competitive price.

The HDP5000 plastic card printer / encoder is ideal for large companies and associations with a high annual print volume. With the thermal retransfer system the head is never in contact with the card or debris with what is never damaged, offering a much superior life of the printer, a more durable card and impossible to manipulate. The best option for printing with retransfer technology:

  • The Fargo HDP5000 retransfer offers the possibility to: Print one-sided or double-sided simultaneously Laminate one or double-sided Different coding systems Print on fluorescent material, holographic film.

Printed data erasure function And a wide variety of security options that, added to the 3-year warranty on the printer, the lifetime warranty on the printhead and its very competitive price, makes it the best option. n of its range.

The High Definition Printing printer offers superior print quality, even on cards with embedded electronics, for a more impressive public image. Its high reliability and durability reduce costs and its low price makes the HDP5000 high definition card printer ideal for almost any type of business.

The HDP5000 Card Printer / Encoder includes a lifetime warranty on the print head and a three-year warranty on everything else.

Its versatile and modular design allows it to be changed if your needs change as well.

A dual card input feeder, double-sided printing, single- or double-sided lamination, and card encoding technology are upgradeable features.

Thanks to its simple design and intuitive operation, little training is required to use it. Cards, ribbons and laminates come in cartridges that load quickly and easily.

Key Features of the HDP5000 Card Printer / Encoder Perfect for technology cards with integrated electronics, it prints cards with the highest image quality available.

The HDP 5000 card printer can be easily upgraded with additional modules:

  • Dual card input feeder, which simplifies card handling and minimizes downtime.
  • The HDP platform enables faster printing speeds.
  • Optional single-sided or double-sided simultaneous lamination for increased card security.
  • The double-sided printing option allows you to double the available print area without manually reloading the cards.

The LCD Control Panel SmartScreen% u2122 displays useful and timely messages about the status


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