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The HDP5000 is easily upgraded with additional print, lamination and encoding modules. The HDP5000 includes single-sided or simultaneous double-sided lamination for a more secure card.

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Superior print quality, increased reliability, durability and security - your photo ID cards will have all of these qualities when printed and encoded with the affordable and versatile HDP50000 printer and encoder.

  • High Definition Printing gives you superior print quality, even on smart cards with embedded electronics, to project a more impactful public image.
  • Increased reliability and durability help lower your total cost of ownership, and with its affordable price, high-definition card printing is affordable for just about any business.
  • The HDP5000 ID Card Printer and Encoder is backed by a lifetime warranty on the print head and a three-year * warranty on everything else. Its versatile modular design allows you to make changes as your needs change.
  • Dual card entry feeder, dual-sided printing, single or double-sided lamination, and card encoding technologies are all features that can be upgraded at the installation site.
  • It requires minimal training due to its simple design and intuitive operation. Cards, ribbons and overlaminates come in cartridges that load quickly and easily.

Main Features: Our HDP5000 card printer / encoder has multiple features. Perfect for technology cards with integrated electronics, it reliably produces High Definition cards with the highest image quality available. The HDP5000 Card Printer / Encoder can be easily upgraded with additional modules.

  • New dual card input feeder, which simplifies card handling and minimizes downtime. HID Global´s next-generation HDP platform enables faster print speeds.
  • Optional single-sided or double-sided simultaneous lamination for increased card security. Quick. The double-sided printing option allows you to double the available print area without manually reloading the cards.
  • The LCD SmartScreen% u2122 Control Panel displays helpful and timely messages about the status.

* Three-year warranty available upon completion of online printer registration. (Standard two-year warranty without online printer registration).


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