HID FARGO DTCii Plus Impresora de tarjetas financiera y codificadora

HID FARGO DTCii Plus Financial Card Printer and Encoder

HID FARGO DTCii Plus Financial Card Printer and Encoder

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HID FARGO DTCii Plus Financial Card Printer Encoder

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The Fargo HDP5000 Printer / Encoder is packed with features. Perfect for cards with embedded electronics, it reliably produces cards with the highest image quality available. The HDP5000 is easily upgraded with additional print, lamination and encoding modules. The HDP5000 includes single-sided or simultaneous double-sided lamination for a more secure card.

Superior print quality, increased reliability, durability and security - your photo ID cards will have all of these qualities when printed and encoded with the affordable and versatile HDP50000 printer and encoder:

  • High Definition Printing gives you superior print quality, even on smart cards with embedded electronics, to project a more impactful public image.
  • Increased reliability and durability help lower your total cost of ownership, and with its affordable price, high-definition card printing is affordable for just about any business.
  • The HDP5000 ID Card Printer and Encoder is backed by a lifetime warranty on the print head and a three-year * warranty on everything else.
  • Its versatile modular design allows you to make changes as your needs change. Dual card entry feeder, dual-sided printing, single or double-sided lamination, and card encoding technologies are all features that can be upgraded at the installation site.
  • It requires minimal training due to its simple design and intuitive operation. Cards, ribbons and overlaminates come in cartridges that load quickly and easily.

Main Features: Our HDP5000 card printer / encoder has multiple features. Perfect for technology cards with integrated electronics, it reliably produces High Definition cards with the highest image quality available.

The HDP5000 Card Printer / Encoder can be easily upgraded with additional modules.

New dual card input feeder, which simplifies card handling and minimizes downtime.

HID Global´s next-generation HDP platform enables faster print speeds. Optional single-sided or double-sided simultaneous lamination for increased card security. Quick.

The double-sided printing option allows you to double the available print area without manually reloading the cards.

The LCD SmartScreen% u2122 Control Panel displays helpful and timely messages about the status.

* Three-year warranty available upon completion of online printer registration. (Standard two-year warranty without online printer registration).

  • Interface: Ethernet, USB
  • Printing method: Re-Transfer
  • Color Capability: Color & Monochrome
  • Encoding: A) Contact SmartCard B) Other Encoding C) No Encoding
  • Print Thickness: 30-50 Mil
  • Lamination: No
  • Operating System: Linux, Mac OS, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows Vista, Windows XP

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